Mz Kittiz Korna-Cheatin' Asses

Mz Kittiz Korna-Cheatin' Asses

Meow boo,

Hope all is well and yall had a great weekend. As for me, I just chilled didn't go out just hung out in the crib with the drinks company and then some (wink wink). While in the mix I noticed every one around me is cheating on their significant other. What kills me is everyone seems to be cool with the situation. Like its all good boo. Where are my monogomous peeps. Is there anybody out there that's straight committed to their mate? If so please let me know. Don't lie be honest have you ever cheated? Why? I'm looking around and some of these bitches know that these dudes have a girl/wife at home, but that don't stop them its like ohhh yeah ahhh shit let me get that. No respect. Not for him, not for the girl at home but for your motherfucking self boo. I feel alot of my ladies sell themselves short and don't know their worth. Its so important for a woman to know her worth and respect yourself. Every woman on this earth should feel like she is a queen or The Queen. Have more morals and values about yourself. If a man tells you he has a woman/wife at home leave him alone. Run like hell. Or accept putting yourself 2nd and being left out when its holidays and family affairs going on you won't be their boo. You've accepted the role of being the playmate. Now if that's you and your cool with it fine. I'm not knocking you. Just the bitches that wonder why they can't get a man to marry them or much less get their own man. a man that comes home to them. A man that take care of home and puts you 1st. Praises you. Even if he's cheating you'll never know it because of the way he treats you. One thing my mom use to tell me...a man will only do what you allow him. I've learned that to be so true. Fellas do you agree? I was talking to a few of my boys and they do agree. They said they have some woman they treat unruley and others they wouldn't swear around at all & it all depends on the female. All I'm saying is if you're a female and you decide to be the other chick, be careful. Don't get your feelings all involved in dude. I know too many females who accepted this role of being the other woman and they done fell in love with this motherfucker and now what. The bitch gets the bad end of the stick while a man gets to have his cake and eat it too. ohh let me reallly keep it real. I'm gonna say it too..fuck it.... iF you have to be the other chick you better get something out the deal that's satisfying and benificial to you. Real talk boo. Or consider you a sorry ass. getting left out until the next time dude wants to bust a good nut. Yeah he tells you your pussy is the bomb, So is mine and everybody elses boo. So know your worth, don't get played mama. Your too good for that. Now for my dudes. Don't get mad I'm not trying to fuck up yall thing. I just seen some unruley shty this weekend that got me fucked up with my ladies and I'm seeing too much of it. So I'm trying to get some of these bitches right because yall fucking them and condoms and pulling out don't always work. Them bitches could end up your baby momma. Real talk.
Please feel free to comment. Keep it real too boo. U already know this aint no kid shyt just 66  Raw shit baby!

Next Monday I'll be going in on the females that got a man at home and cheating and creeping like shit. Oh yeah I see that too boo.  Meow til next "Slap A MotherFucker Monday"
Mz Kitti

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