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Lia Viera

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I could give you the uniform standard bio but i like to do things my way. I'm a 21 year old Puerto Rican, native born who resides in Rhode Island. I'm of the small selection standing very lovely at 5"1 and 112 pounds of pure fire ;).
With curves that entice at 32, 24,36. The best things come in small packages if you haven't realized after reading that xoxo. I am one who surprises when it is least expected. The dedication i give and hold is at such a high it can not be matched. My love for modeling is undying. This is something for many years i have wanted to do and i finally grew the courage to make it happen. The desire to model came from a life where you are constantly reminded how beautiful you will never be I embraced the fact that i am as sexy as they come, and no one can take that away from me. My dedication and faith in myself brought me to the decision of never giving up when no one is in your corner, I am living proof of this. Being a model does not come easy nor is it all fun and games but I wouldn't give it up for the world. I began this adventure and will stay with the truth that I am beautiful. I keep pushing and fighting because I know what negativity comes with this. And the best thing you can do is stay on top and keep fighting for what you want. I am open to a various type of style from swim suit, glamor, fashion to artistic, Gothic and lingerie. I love showing my body and embracing the sexiness that only comes from being in front of a camera. The ultimate triple threat beauty, brains and sass <3.
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