Big up to the homie DJ Supa on his latest blog. If you haven’t checked my mans joint peep game!! Some more real shit goin down in that piece b! Last weeks joint on the dating a DJ wave…

we know what it is tho and you ladies do too!! I ain’t gonna get to deep in it, I’m just gonna post my reply there after this and keep it movin! Having said that, this is just another one of those random blogs of realness that you need to feed on and apply to your everyday lives! Some more greatness to absorb! Some more jewels of random-ness to be dropped ya heard!!

 Since I’ve relocated back to the Tri-State area, I’ve been chillin with my sister a lot. Somethin that y’all may not know, but she’s THE closest person to me (next to my daughters)…period!! She’s an ol’ school head all day! Loves B.I.G., Dana Dane, Doug E, The Ruler, just ol school all day. We had a convo while listenin to one of those classic 80’s-90’s BLAZE joints and kickin it about how different the game (hip hop) would be if the late great legends were still here. I’ma tell you one thing, A LOT of that bullshit, bubblegum, fruit snack rap wouldn’t even have a CHANCE!! Listen, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’ll NEVER knock a nigga hustle! Get money my niggas…BUT if BIG & Pac were still around, A LOT of y’all sub par, B and C rate “so called” rap niggas wouldn’t even DARE to record those struggle bars that make niggas ears bleed!! You know what I’m speakin is the truth!! I truly believe the game would be a world different if B.I., Pac, Pun, Big L, etc, etc, etc were still droppin bars of death to keep you niggas in awe!! Here we are tho, in the world of Sesame Street raps & struggle sessions of pain and hopeless dreams!! Just makes MY job that much harder!!!!! Oh well…

Speakin of which, perhaps the level of complete and utter stupidity MIGHT be thwarted of those admitted into the game as well!! Let’s talk about one DUMB nigga in particular….Torrence Hatch aka Lil Boosie! Yeah, the death sentence rumors were just that…RUMORS! Thinkin about it, lil homie ain’t even go to trial yet, he’s just been INDICTED!! You niggas got nothing else better to do with your time then stir the rumor mill pot…smh. Go smoke a blunt and go to bed! I digress…back to Boosie, son, this nigga is facing some SERIOUS time, so WHY THEEE FUCK would you get indicted not once but TWICE for attempting to smuggle codeine into the bing! Yeah b, tryna get that sizzurp thru the slots of those ice cold bars of the Louisiana State Prison. So here comes another charge of criminal conspiracy to take contraband to and from a penal institution and another count of inciting a felony!! Fam, does it get any more incredible?!? When I heard about this shit all I could do is smh b. Shit is just incredible. I can’t dwell on ignorance for too long as I start to break out in hives and rashes along with cold sweats and nausea. I’m starting to itch, so I’ll move on….DNS, (Dumb nigga syndrome) is a serious disease!!

Am I the only one who could give less than an ounce of a fuck about that women’s world cup shit against Japan?? Oh….aight.

Lemme big up the homie DJ Khaled on what is now his third album release in three years, We The Best Forever. It doesn’t happen very often with new artists, but the dude has improved every time with each project! This is an all around SOLID album that has a lil something for everyone. Y’all niggas know I’m a big fan of my nigga SnowGo, so the Money track is the shit I’m rockin on repeat at the moment! There’s a lot of great tracks and this project will definitely have some legs. Congrats Khaled, the whole We The Best team & Def Jam Records. Khaled (WTB), Rozay (MMG), Weezy (YMCMB) is DOMINATING the airwaves right now! Waiting on that Watch The Throne which is supposed to have an August 5th release and hearing rumors of it possibly being pushed back to 2012. I dunno b, we’ll see what happens. As it stands right now August is the drop and that Otis joint is SOOO fuckin outta here dog!! Shit is craaazzzyyy!!

For all of you that were waiting for that Killa Season 2 flick, you’re gonna get a lil something that just may be better in the meantime. There’s a Diplomats movie that’s in pre-production at present! Yeah kid, they’re filming that joint in the same way that they did the Notorious joint. The homie Juelz commented saying the storyline of the joint was gonna be basically the crews early beginnings all the way up to the reunion. Of course an album/soundtrack will accompany the flick. No release date as of yet but yeah when it drops, I’m in that iMax with the flask on stash, bumpin joints off the album listening to 66RAW.com while on the way! Haarrrllleemmm!!

Oh, and a personal note to Marc Anthony….my nigga….what the FUCK?!? Son, are you serious b?!?! Dog…J-Lo…..J to the muthafuckin L-O son!! One of the first latinas to start the trend of gettin put on for that fat gorgeous ASS of hers!! I know they say shit changes once kids come into play and what not dude, but my nigga, between the two of you y’all got MILLIONS!! Ain’t too much shit changing!! So what, it’s GOTTA be an even badder chick then Jenny from tha block right?!? PLEASE say it’s so because shit is just too incredible to believe son! We talkin goddess body, fine arroz con pollo y maduros on the side J-Lo!! I have an extremely hard time believing the vagina was doo doo son…nah, nope, nooooo way!! The nigga Puff was writing songs about chica after she kicked homie to the curb! Puff got millions and KNEW he fucked that up!! Vag had to be platinum b!! Marc Anthony….. #EPIC #FAIL!!

It’s a wrap for the kid till next week b. Enjoy these dog days of summer, we already half way thru it and we just may have only one more left if the Mayans are right (which I think they may be for other reasons which we’ll wait for the next blog)!! Y’all be easy & keep spreadin the word…Real Hip Hop Radio is BACK!! Fuck wit us!!


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