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Dee Dee Cocheta has been in the entertainment/Hip Hop industry as publicist for over 20 years, she worked with many aspiring artists and current artists break into the industry. She helped many independent artists pursue their dreams in her journey, so as a great friend to 66 Raw it is our duty to help her and in the vital cause to save her life.


Baltimore's COMP formerly of Def Jam Records & Def Jams Fight For New York Video Game Returns!

Born in Chicago raised in Milwaukee, Jae Choice has had a fascination for fashion & the camera from early on. Part owner of an up and coming special occasions & bridal store in Chicago; it's very obvious that she is much more than a pretty face in front of a camera.

Jae Choice began here modeling career in 2010 & since stepping into the modeling industry. Jae has worked with DTLR as a model for the Dub Car Show in Chicago, hosted events in around the country & has been featured in magazines such as Straight Stuntin 5 year anniversary issue, AsIs Assets. She's currently featured in the current issue of in Show Magazine Black Lingerie #20, Featured on numerous online websites such as Dynasty Series, GGurls, Show Girlz Exclusive, Wizs Daily Dose, & Blackmen Digital, just to name few. Jae is currently nominated for the 2014 Urban Model Awards "Miss New Booty"

It's apparent that Jae Choice is a force to be reckoned with. Multi talented & she does not have any intention of slowing down anytime soon.

Throughout college I interned at a number of entertainment companies. Record labels, marketing/promotional companies and a sports public relations firm. It was fun. The week of All-Star Weekend in Atlanta I think I went to one class. Black College Reunion in Daytona Beach Joe Budden chilled in our hotel room. Ying Yang Twins, Method Man, Cee-Lo, Ludacris, Atlanta Falcon events. I thought I was living the life.


Gabrielle Douglas....the FIRST black woman to win GOLD in gymnastics in the Olympic games! What a historic, proud moment!! Wait though, I can't believe what I'm seeing, what I'm reading....and this is why I HATE you niggas!!!!

Right off the bat, I must give credit to the filmmakers for the bold retro move of just adding a number to the end of the sequel’s title. I’m sure the studio wanted some stupid name like Men in Black: The Redemption or Men in Black: Scoundrel Days. And then when it’s on cable you can never figure out which is the second movie and which is the third, etc. So thank you, Barry Sonnenfeld, you are a man of principle.

The older a tree gets, the stronger the roots grow. If that same logic applies to music, then the Roots' roots are hitting one of Dante's circles by now. Game Theory is a much darker album than their last two, Phrenology and The Tipping Point. Black Thought comes through sharp as usual, spitting his most memorable verses on "Don't Feel Right" where he combines flow with real-life issues, a lost art today. Peedi Peedi steals the show on "Long Time" as he comes through to tell us his hip-hop roots (Ultramagnetic MC's) and rep for the struggle with Black Thought, as they proclaim everybody's "50 cents away from a quarter" where they come from. One of the funny things about Peedi's verse is he told me he doesn't even think it's one of his better verses. Sly and the Family Stone lends a hand on the one of the more upbeat cuts, the title track "Game Theory." Black Thought murders the horns and ?uestlove's hard snare, even finding time to shout out David Hasselhoff (maybe he can be in the video?), but it's Malik B who makes the lasting impression on this track. It's hard to say what's the "best" track on this record is. I don't even think anyone should do that, because they all stand out in their own way. Instead of saying "the best," one of the most memorable tracks is "Can't Stop This," the most touching tribute to J.Dilla to date. The Roots collected quotes on the underappreciated legend before Black Thought rips Dilla's "Time: The Donut of the Heart" off his unforgettable Donuts. A fitting way to end my choice for album of the year, The Roots prove the strongest storm can't tear their roots from the ground.

We all get these annoying posts, emails, and message on our Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other outlet these individuals can find. The problem is that majority of people tend to always manage and misunderstand or not get what is meant in certain sayings or practices.

For example "All promotions is good promotions" wasn't meant for people to go out and annoy people with their so-called promotional campaigns. If you are a professional marketer, you understand one major thing and that is the power of "Word of Mouth". Just because you decdide to bombard people Facebook, Myspace, etc. pages with your "Please check out my song, profile, or party" do you really think that these individual will take a liking to you? You are totally disrespecting their private space and in the real world it is called "soliciting".

You will find that many businesses and areas will have a sign that states "No Soliticing" and that is exactly why! Nobody wants to be harrassed by something they do not want or asked for. Here are some of the main huge mistakes amateurs make and this is how you can tell they are amateurs because real professionals wouldn't go that route.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes amateurs make:

  1. The unwanted posts
    People want to be your "Friends" only so they can blast your profile with their "promotions" and just because they start their post of with "I don't mean to be intrusive, disrespectful or something that sort" and then post flyers, music, or whatever. What they fail to understand is instead of creating a "demand" they are actually turning people against them. They will be so annoyed with you that they won't even give you a chance
  2. Spam
    If you send someone emails that they didn't subscribed to is also considered spam. There are best practices on how to obtain and email people. Majority of people are totally violating CAN-SPAM. In case you wonder what happens when you violate it is pretty easy. The emails that you send may never make it to your subscribers because your IP has been blacklisted, so you can send as many email as you won't but ISP's like Gmail, Yahoo, etc will not allow emails sent from you to get into the network and you probably never know it or most likely you will be in the Spam folder. There are lot of things that these sites do and violate not just how they acquire emails but simple things as building a reputation.
  3. Constant Messaging
    If you send one message over and over again won't get you better results, most likley you will get yourself on someone's bad side. If you send a message and a follow up a day or two before the event that's fine but over and over with the same message is a No No. They most likley got your message but just weren't interested.
  4. Faking
    If you change your email address name to a celebrity name is totally the wrong thing to do even though you may think that you are genius you are actually playing yourself because it will get you spam listed quick. Gmail and other ISP's check your IP address and match it with domain and if you keep changing your name you are red flagged.

    Also your party and the other 1000 are claiming to be hottest party in town the same night. So just be to the point with what they really expect. Overselling and under performing is always a negative.

The true magic about marketing is to create a demand by subliminally sparking interest of your consumer base and not by offending them or pissing them off!

Samia Cader is the owner and founder of CSL Management in Geneva, Switzerland. Her company books American Artists and DJ's into the European market such as France, Switzerland, Germany and Africa. sat down with her to discuss the the different markets and how artists and DJ's could benefit from performing overseas. Samia has a rich history from revolutionaries to living all over the world but most importantly she is a well studied woman that is always on time to everything. One more thing, even though you could mistake her for a model, she will quickly let you know that she is NOT. She has a bachelor's in Art Direction and Visual Arts which includes graphic design and videography.

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