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Dee Dee Cocheta has been in the entertainment/Hip Hop industry as publicist for over 20 years, she worked with many aspiring artists and current artists break into the industry. She helped many independent artists pursue their dreams in her journey, so as a great friend to 66 Raw it is our duty to help her and in the vital cause to save her life.

Friday, 03 August 2012 13:06

I HATE You Ni99as!!!

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Gabrielle Douglas....the FIRST black woman to win GOLD in gymnastics in the Olympic games! What a historic, proud moment!! Wait though, I can't believe what I'm seeing, what I'm reading....and this is why I HATE you niggas!!!!

Throughout college I interned at a number of entertainment companies. Record labels, marketing/promotional companies and a sports public relations firm. It was fun. The week of All-Star Weekend in Atlanta I think I went to one class. Black College Reunion in Daytona Beach Joe Budden chilled in our hotel room. Ying Yang Twins, Method Man, Cee-Lo, Ludacris, Atlanta Falcon events. I thought I was living the life.

Saturday, 16 June 2012 10:07

Tupac: The Lyrics, The Man

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In case you didn’t know, June is Black Music Month. And what better day to start my tribute to Black Music Month than on June 16th, Tupac’s birthday.

It’s no secret that I love this man. Tupac was a living legend during my childhood. And the multitalented, urban poet has spoken many words that have inspired me to take action in my community (but that’s another blog). Today, on what would have been the 40th birthday of one of the greatest to ever grasp the mic, I want to “[remember] his lyrics and the promise that his life held. [It] reminds me to not waste time or gifting” (@VonnettaLWest).

Diets, weight, and body images are three subjects that I don’t often speak on. As a skinny girl who eats whatever she wants and maintains her weight without much struggle, I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut when my friends and family members discuss their struggles with weight. But lately I’ve began to get more and more frustrated with seeing and hearing friends discuss their body issues.

Friday, 15 June 2012 13:24

Can I Get Some Love With My Sex?

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Growing up, my parents were definitely music lovers. My dad can recognize any song within the first three notes, and my mom (a school teacher) kept MTV and VH1 on throughout the summers. (That was back when they were truly 24 hour music stations). I remember around 2nd grade my dad purchased a HUGE 6-disc CD changer. It seems like overnight we had hundreds of CDs in the house. Two CDs stand out in my mind: Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl and Keith Sweat’s Make It Last Forever (how could you ever forget that sweater…ugh!!!).

In case you missed it, Drake and Chris Brown's ongoing beef exploded last night, and Twitter captured it all! Having trouble viewing the slideshow below?

Things to consider:

1) Breezy was trying to be the bigger person. I hope he doesn't backslide.

2) Fighting over a broad? Come on. Three people are dead in Auburn over a girl. Guys, it's never worth it.

3) Who would've thunk Drake and Chris would be this generations Pac and Biggie and Twitter would be  the Vibe cover that instigated it all?  Tread lightly before someone gets hurt.

4) I told y'all Chris and RiRi couldn't handle each other. 

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