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Ladies......Do You Think You Can Be With A DJ???

Written by  DJ Supa
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This for all my djs out there that ever been in relationships. Ladies always seem to say the same thing in the beginnng...."Its cool...I understand what you do....its all good!".........

YEEAAAAAA RIIIIIIGHT!!! That seems to quickly change WHEN YOU BECOME BUSY!! A lot of djs tend to work on weekends......and weekends are when couples like to go out.

Ladies can you deal with that?Or what if you make plans in advance to go out or on vacation.....and an opportunity to do a Major Career Changing event comes up....would you be mad if he cancels on you??? Not to mention the late nights at clubs around a lot of women and dont even get me started on traveling abroad!!! NOWADAYS THE DJ IS SO BIG THAT THEY OPERATE....AND ARE TREATED LIKE ARTISTS. So these days...being with a a lot ways can be like being in a.relationship with a rapper or singer or even athlete. So again I ask you....LADIES....DO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE WITH A DJ???

DJ Supa
Violator All-Star DJs
Twitter - @DJSupa

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