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Da U Boys

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by Scherrell Simon-66RAW Event Correspondent

Scherrell: What is your stage name? How did you get it?

Da U Boys: 17th Snoop, Hick Louch, Rock Shot

Scherrell: What made you get into music? And who/what were some of your inspirations? 

Da U Boys: Seeing successful local artist around the city and from the neighborhood inspired a creative flow within us and we wanted to be able to produce that same kind of passion to the next generation.  A few of our inspirations are but not limited to: Master P, Soulja Slim, Lil Wayne, Juvenile

Scherrell: So what DO you think about this industry so far?


Scherrell: If you could, what are some of the things you would change about the music industry?

Da U Boys: First and foremost, the fakeness! Secondly, unwarranted egos and the "business people" that don’t really represent business.

Scherrell: Honestly how do you feel DJs are being treated? How you think they should be treated?

Da U Boys: Man, straight up...F**K A LOT OF THESE "DJS". We respect actual seasoned and time tested DJs AKA the ones that actually put the work in.  

Scherrell: Who are some of the people you would like to work with whether mainstream or independent (i.e. DJs, Producers, Artist, etc)?

Da U Boys: A lot of the artists we would LOVE to work with are no longer with us but there are some present artists that we'd like to collaborate with, namely, Rick Ross, Kanye, Birdman, Game, and many more.

Scherrell: What is something unique about you or your music profession that others wouldn’t know by reading this or listening to your music? 

Da U Boys: We handle all of our business, independently, all of our business in handled solely by us. We don't have outside sponsors or management.

Scherrell: where you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?

Da U Boys: Major distribution deal for our independent label Rue Rois. Having sold a substantial amount of records.

Scherrell: What are some of the projects you working on?

Da U Boys: Our debut album "Tha Shutdown" is slated to release, digitally, September 20, 2011, via iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Scherrell: Do you have any advice you want to give Artist just starting out?


Scherrell: Where can the reader read more about you and hear your music?

Da U Boys: Just Google us. We're all over the internet.

Scherrell: Do you remember your first 16 and where you were at when you wrote it?

Da U Boys: Yup!. We were in Strait Jiggs UNO dorm room in 2006. Our first song was "Call dem people".

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