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So the Secret Service is in hot water over this prostitution scandal.  The entire set up was funny to me, because clearly in stressful jobs, men need some kind of activity to take their minds off of things.  I'm sure these agents weren't the first to engage in this type of illicit behavior; however, I do have a problem if they had detail documents out in the open of the President's whereabouts.  To me, this is just reckless.  You were entrusted to protect the President of the United States, not Joe the Plumber.  If you're going to engage in some extracurricular, then please make sure you secure the kitchen sink, before you get it in. 

I'm not even going in on the fact that most of them were married, but how do you go out to a club and brag about your assignment of guarding the President; and are you really going to try to stiff the hoe after her services were rendered?  The entire mess was just reckless to me.  If they would have paid the money, there probably wouldn't be an issue right now, but because someone wanted something for free, we have to hear the backlash.  In essence, it probably is a good thing that it came out, because if I were the President, I'd like to know if my security detail had my back.  

Do you think they were out of line, or is the media hyping the entire situation up?  Should they have been fired, or admonished? You weigh in.  Feel free to comment below.  

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