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Ray's Rant V1.2

Ray's Rant V1.2

Today's rant deals with peeps who can never be on time.  I understand that circumstances come up that might "occassionally" cause you to be late; however, if you're late to every event or occasion, it's a problem.  Being prompt and punctual is actually a sign of respect.  How many times have you been the one waiting in the car, while randoms take their time, getting their stuff together, saying good bye to their Moms, eating the last chicken wing without a care in the world.  Yo on the real, if someone is doing you the favor of giving you a ride, be on time!  Among my many pet peeves, this is one of the biggest!   I'll get to you liars, thiefs, and stalkers on another rant.  

What is it that makes people late habitually?  Is it a race thing? Is there such a thing as CP Time, or is that a convenient excuse?  These randoms are the same folks showing up late to a job interview, and then want to claim the "man" had it out for them.  Yo, you are the master of your own fate! If you can't be on time, what does that say about your character? If you're not going to show up for the interview on time, why would I believe you would be to work on time?  The excuses for being late and tardy are just unexcusable excuses! Grow up already!  Eventually you'll learn especially when it comes to me, get right or get left! 

Love what you do, and do what you love!




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