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Monday, 05 September 2011 01:31

Premium Membership

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Premium Membership gets you access to over 100 mixshows from all of our DJ's that you can put on your Ipod, iPhone, or any MP3 device whether you need for your work out or for your house party and we are constantly adding additional shows to keep you updated with the latest and greatest music.

Our mixshows are NOT mixtapes, the big difference is that our DJ's mix the music as you would hear it in your favorite nightclub with precise blends, remixes and exclusive that you can't find anywhere else. Also each DJ brings their own flavor from Miami all the way to New York and to the West Coast. 

How to purchase

You can purchase different levels of subscriptions on a recurring basis as well as doing a one time charge. The recurring charges will be charged on the same date each month or whatever frequency you have purchased. You can cancel at anytime by simply sending us or our payment company an email no later than 24 hours BEFORE your card is being charged. Once your card is charged your membership will be canceled for the next cycle.

Select Your Plan

[readon url=""]Free[/readon]*No Download Privileges*

[readon url=""]$5.99 Monthly[/readon]

[readon url="href=""]$14.99 Quarterly[/readon] *Save 18%*

[readon url=""]$53.99 One Year[/readon]*Get Over 3 Months Free*
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