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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 20:58

Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

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Do you ever wonder what the hell goes on in the brains of those that appear on Reality TV mostly does retarded shows like Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop, Real Housewives, etc.? It's not like they got the show because of their talent, it is simply who makes that bigger ass out of themselves.

Then, there is Chad Ochocinco, a star athlete, made a shitload of money, can have any female in the world but yet chose a trashbag like Evelyn Lozada? You can see her in full effect on the show and you wonder why your shit got fucked up? Sorry, can't feel sorry for ya man, you deserve loosing your job and being the laughing stock. Maybe I am wrong but when you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. All the warning signs were there.

It just amazes me what posses anybody to make a fool out of themselves on National TV for some fame and it ain't good fame. It's different if people cheer for you because you have done some incredible shit like playing football.

Like I said maybe I am wrong but he threw it all away for some damaged piece of ass when he could have had anybody that had at least some class and sense.

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