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Katerra De'Andra the true girl next door, born in Hannibal Mo,  June 5th, 1986 daughter of Karen Mayfield and Jamel Liddell raised by her grandmother Dorothy Mayfield! Very talented and athletic!  

Gave birth to her first son at the age of 16, graduated from high school! Katerra was destined to reach every goal in her life, her son at the time was her motivation! "I always wanted to go to college but I knew my looks and talent could take me otherwise and  I wanted to make quick money and be able to take care of my family, my sister was and still is my role model and biggest fan, we went through hell and back together." Katerra had a lot of worries and trouble down the road but  still stuck through it!

"I was born and raised in a small town where people never get anywhere, I learned to reach for the stars, I  started singing at the age of 5 and started recording at the age of 15! I recorded on different tracks with family  members and friends that struggled in the Music Industry, not really knowing that God had bigger and better things  in store for me" Katerra wrote her first song in the 4th Grade! "I was so retarded, I didnt know what i was doing  but i remember getting in trouble for tapping on my desk and humming and singing."  Katerra De'Andra looks at herself as a sex goddess, and a queen, every man's dream. "I think we all look for things in people that we never  find but I mean, there are so many men available and now a days women settle for less, and I refuse to do that."   Katerra also models, dances and has tried some acting! Her biggest focus is writing ans singing her own music.  She now has a gospel song called "Give You My Life", another song that she was featured on called "Losing."   "My father passed this year in the house with me and my kids and I was actually recording a song the same  week, i didn't really have time to grieve him and I felt at peace with myself because God has always been a huge  part of my life, I know he made in it through the gates and I'm so thankful because I have two wonderful angels,  my Grandmother and Father looking and watching over me and my kids." Katerra has experienced losing close  loved ones and still seems to pull through!  Katerra resides in Chicago Illinois as now and will be making the biggest  love of her life in December to Atlanta GA! "Every time I think about Atlanta I cringe, but in a good way, I'm  so excited because I will constantly be in the studio and working on selling my music, writing and recording. I'm so  compassionate about what I do and nothing can stop me. You have to keep pushing yourself, you have to keep god first and know that he gives you life everyday. I grew up in church and I try to live by rules but its kinda hard  man!" Katerra is so down to earth, laid back but very picky! We all look forward to seeing her pursue her career as  the girl from Monroe City MO. This young woman is the full package. Katerra is smart, charming, a good  mother, and very exotic! Everyone needs to support this exotic young mother as she still reaches for the stars, in  her words, "I'm destined to be where God wants me to be, I'll eventually end up writing, singing and dancing with  many famous artist. I want to make my mark, because I deserve it! You can also find Katerra De'Andra on  facebook, myspace, twitter, and her very own website at

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