The General - Leo G.

The General - Leo G.

The General Leo G. started his radio broadcasting career over 15 years ago and since that time he has become one of the most infamous radio personalities in the nation. Leo G’s career began at New York City’s WQHT FM as their Programming and Promotions Assistant. Since that time Leo G has been the on – air talent for several Number 1 rated radio stations in the Northeast and he has retained an almost cult like following throughout the nation.


Leo G joined XM Radio in 2001 and helped to make it one of the fastest growing subscription-based companies in history, with over 9 million subscribers on it’s platform as well as another 14 million subscribers through XM’s relationship on DirecTV.. Leo G’s experience in entertaining large audiences makes him a natural behind the mic as well as behind the scenes. Leo G’s current role as CEO/President/Program Director for 66RAW.com allows him to utilize his creative expertise to influence programming for what is to become the worlds most heralded and dominant hip hop platform.

RAW is about writing the story of hip-hop. When programming RAW, Leo G took a more of a mixtape approach which has not only managed to let the newest music hit the streets sooner but it also gives Leo’s listeners the best uncut music in the industry. Leo has been quoted as saying, “When an artist or label leaks a new track to the DJs to break a song, I’m right there bringing those exclusives from the biggest mainstream and underground artists to the RAW hip hop nation.” This fresh approach to new, uncut, raw material made Leo G’s RAW one of the most popular Hip- Hop stations in the nation and these same ideals will be implemented in the new 66RAW.com.

As Leo G looks toward the future, he is continuing to work toward giving his listeners the very best uncut RAW music that the industry has to offer and maintain the true essence and integrity of the hip hop culture through 66RAW.com.

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