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 Our FAQ section will guide you through the site and give you some of our most common questions.

1. How can I listen to the Radio Station?
66 Raw Radio is available for ALL major platforms and supports all players including iTunes, Winamp, Real, Windows Media. The way you would like to listen is entirely up to you. You can listen via App or simply play our radio stream on the website as well as mobile. Our website is mobile optimized as well as our HTML5 radio player.

  • Website
    On our Home Page, in the navigation menu simply click the "Radio Stream" button which will take you to our Radio Page or you can simply click the "Play" button on the Radio Player that is on the home page and the radio stream will automatically play.

    Home page player

    You can also launch the radio player from our tool bar on the bottom of the website. This player can be separated from the tool bar to be a stand alone player, so that you may browse the website without having to restart the stream. (See image below)


    If you prefer to listen to yoru itunes application you can play the URL below for iTunes to start the stream:

    Click On The Link Below:

    If you have a Window pops up, you can select the Player you want to use by clicking "Select"

    Or simply copy the above link in your itunes, Real, Windows or Winamp by going to "File" and select "Open URL" then copy it in the window.
  • HTML5 Player
    If you click on our "Radio Stream" Button on the top navigation menu, it will take you to our Radio Page. Our HTML5 player is not restricted to only web, iPhone and other mobile phones will be able to use it just like the website by simply clicking play (reference above section)

    >> Click Here To Listen On Our Site with our Radio Player
  • Mobile Phones

    Mobile is no longer required to download a specific App, but if you would like to download the Shoutcast app you may do so from the App Store.

    -- Download the "Shoutcast App" from the App Store. Once downloaded and installed, launch the application. Click on "Search" on the bottom menu and type in "66 RAW". Our station will show up, then click on it to listen to it.

    Palm Pre -- Go to our site and click on the "Listen Now" link and it will automatically play

    Android -- Download the "Shoutcast" application and follow the iPhone instructions.

    BlackBerry -- Please >> Click Here for detailed instructions

2. What is Shoutcast?
Shoutcast is the server streaming platform that we use for our station. It is sorta like Windows, Mac, etc.. but the platform is strictly for streaming audio. It encodes the audio that is being sent from our DJ's on our server and delivers it to you so that you can listen to it in good quality. It is just like how you listen to your regular radio station.

3. Is it REALLY Free?
Yes it is! 66 RAW used to be the premier Hip Hop channel on XM Satellite Radio and many of our fans had to pay almost $15 per month plus the receiver, but now you DO NOT have to buy anything. As long as you can get to this website you can listen to our station, if you want to listen via your mobile phone please read the above instructions.

66 Raw is not owned by any major corporation or has any major backing. We are solely self funded and rely on our services to keep funding the venture. You can always Donate to 66 Raw if you would like to support our organization so that we can keep the the station free to all of our listeners and users.

Donate to 66 Raw

4. What is Raw Interactive?
Raw Interactive is our RAW members community, it is our version of Facebook for all of our fans. You can pretty much do the same thing: Upload pictures, add videos, comment, update your status, create groups, add twitter, etc... This is how we keep all of us in sync.

You can also connect your Facebook page with 66 RAW, it allows you to sync your 66 RAW page with your Facebook, so you don't have to maintain 2 different pages. Everytime you log in, 66 RAW will sync with your current facebook. But you don't have to. If you want to keep them separate you can do that.

If you signed up through 66 RAW but would like to sync with Facebook, you can do that by going to your Profile > Edit Profile > Scroll Down and click "Associate with Facebook"

If you want to sign up to RAW Interactive >> Click Here

5. Message Board
Our Message Board is for discussions and functions just like any message board. We do have a Members Only section that will be only displayed to members that are logged in. If you want to participate in the member discussion you will have to register an Account but it is absolutely FREE.

You can access our Message Board by >> Clicking Here

6. Registration
66 RAW is consistently growing and we are continously enhancing and improving our site and becoming a member will allow you to access and participate in various sections of the site that is not available to web browsers. In the near future we will distinguish vistors from members. Membership will allow you to do more on our website and eventually there will be certain on-demand section where it will be subscription based. However those that sign up now and have been signed up are considered VIP since they are with us from the very beginning, and they will get preferred treatment which will include either FREE or discounted services from here on out. We haven't been thought that far out but we do know that we will reward all of our fans that stayed down from the very beginning.

The Registration works almost on everything on our site which means you don't have to sign up several times. The Registration is for the message board, raw interactive, members only sections. The only thing you will have to sign up separately is our Newsletter but we are working on integrating it.

Register with 66 RAW by >> Clicking Here

Our Download Section allows our members to download mixes from our DJs. You must be a member to access the download section. In the near future we will allow our members to upload their music for 66 RAW consideration. We have to iron the requirements and to make the process easier for us.

Access our Download Section by >> Clicking Here

8. Newsletter
Our Newsletter only goes to those that sign up for it. We won't spam you, it will only be sent when we have updates, special offers or special events. Plus it is very easy to unsubscribe as an unsubscribe link is in each mailing.

Sign Up to our Newsletter by >> Clicking Here

We will update this page as we are adding new products and services. So keep checking back.


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