The Apocalypse!

The Apocalypse!

What's the word fam! So regardless if your a God fearing person or is one who does not subscribe that there is a higher power, this again is MY blog, so I'm speaking on shit that I deal with, go through, believe, etc, etc. You get the point. I preface that to talk about the new church I attended this past Sunday. It was one of those new style church's that is more contemporary than traditional. So I wasn't lookin at a whole bunch of big ass hats all down in the first couple of rows type shit. The message for the day was about the Apocalyse...last days, the Omega, the end of ALL mankind!

Let me just say that I was a little taken by comin into the joint and the pastor starts with this "interesting" little video montage from ALL of the world coming to an end disaster movies (2012, etc) before starting the service. By the time that 5 minute video was over you could here a rat piss on cotton is was so quite and still in that piece!! Needless to say he had EVERYONE'S undivided attention! The message was on the Apocalypse and how it would all unfold. The four horsemen, the SEVEN YEARS of destruction, devastation, plight, disease, famine, war, genocide, you name it, it was goin down in a way none of us can even fathom! A quarter of the earths population, that's 1.67 BILLION people will be DEAD just in the FIRST YEAR AND A HALF OF THIS SEVEN YEAR EVENT!! Now listen, a lot of you may be sittin there reading this saying to yourself...WTF General?!? All I can tell you is this, the reality is, there will be an end ONE day. No one knows when or how actually, but after all of the scary shit of the horsemen, the seals, etc, etc, one thing was made clear on who would have to face God's wrath in this and who wouldn't. Living righteously and accepting Him in your life and as your savior shall make the difference on who would either see/feel the wrath of this destruction or be snatched from before it is all even to begin. That was the message and it was profound enough for me to write about it in my blog! I've always been a God fearing man and a spiritual person. I believe no one who's had the blessings that I've had with where I've been, what I've done and the some of the people I have around me is by chance! I believe everything is through Him and were all free to choose what we believe and what we don't believe, but that's just me. This is MY blog remember?!? I ain't sittin here tryna get a nigga to go to church every Sunday or no shit like that, but what I am saying is if your belief IS that there is a God, you need to every now and then go a get/hear the WORD! It can do nothing but have a POSITIVE & impactful effect on your life....Real Talk.

It is your life to live, but I consider all y'all family. So why wouldn't I want to look out and for my family to do the right thing and go down the RIGHT road in life! I think it'll provide for a much better quality of life, which in turn makes listening to 66RAW.com and even more ENJOYABLE experience! Feel me?


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