leo-g_thumb This blog here today ain't on no uplifting, positive, inspirational shit today. Today is and ode to the HATER in all of us so bear wit me!!

(The views, comments & expressions of The General should not be taken literally as it is strictly for entertainment purposes only....I think.)


Every now and then we all just need to vent right?!? So if your one of those types that doesn't like and avoids conflict, doesn't like to make waves, never expresses their concern or dislike, just rolls and takes the punches like the PUSSY that you are, I hope that this blog will be a conduit for you to finally let out all that pent up bullshit you've been carrying most of your life!! For the rest of you like me, this should feel GOOD!! I'm sure some and maybe even most of it you can relate to!!

You know what I HATE...I HATE INDUSTRY niggas (& bitches)!! You know, not industry because they may "work" in a certain industry, but industry who smiles in your face, calls you family and can't even remember your name in the very next minute!! I HATE Y'ALL NIGGAS!! Most of you fake ass industry niggas is a big part of why the game is so FUCKED UP right now!! There's a few REAL NIGGAS in this industry and I'm glad to know them! Real recognize real!!

You know what else I HATE....bitches that don't know what being a GOOD WOMAN is all about!! Notice ladies I said BITCHES that don't know what being a GOOD WOMAN is all about! IF you're a good woman than you don't fall into the category of BITCH!! If you're not a good woman, ohh well, if the shoe fits...Pause tho, alright, I'ma help the misguided bitches out and let you know what it is to be a good woman. It's not anything that's gonna require a lot of note taking, none of that. The needs of a good man (notice I said GOOD MAN, not some bum ass, good for nothin nigga) are very simplistic in nature! Love & show your love in the following ways...ready:

1. Make him feel and show him that he is the only one you could ever have eyes for, but be SINCERE! (Builds security with him)

2. Show that taking care of home is always the number one priority, even if you are a career woman, it can be done!

3. Make sure he is FED WELL!! Bitches if you can't cook, enroll in somebodies cooking class to get those culinary skills up to snuff!! (CRUCIAL!!)

4. Last and certainly not least, make sure every night his balls are drained of every ounce of man milk by any way or means necessary!! The freakier the better!! Pull out the video camera and stick a pickle in yo ass if you have to dammit!! 

You got those four things on deck and locked down tight...when you find that good man, you got that nigga FOR LIFE!! So again to come back to the beginning...I hate bitches that don't know what being a GOOD WOMAN is all about!! Nine times outta ten, you wind up being FUCKED UP MOTHERS RAISING FUCKED UP KIDS!! Hence the vicious cycle!!

You know what else I HATE....hold on, lemme pour up another one before I start this one........

And I'm back, so as I was saying, you know what else I HATE....That MILLIONS of people that are jobless in this fucked up country of ours and 2 million of those just lost their unemployment benefits this week, just before the holidays!!

You know what else I HATE...I hate that it takes SOOOOO much to drink to even feel somewhat like I'm ALMOST drunk, but I never get there!! 30 minutes later I feel like I haven't had ONE SINGLE DRINK because my body metabolizes alcohol so fast!!

So I HATE that I have to spend so much MONEY on LIQUOR because I can drink a bottle in one night and go to sleep and not even feel it the next morning!! Fuckin bullshit!!

You know what else I HATE....I hate the muthafuckas responsible for that FUCKED UP MERGER!!

You know WHO else I HATE......wait, I haven't drank enough yet to let all the inhibitions go just yet!!

You know what else I HATE....living in Miami for 7 months then moving back to this BULLSHIT COLD fuckin weather in DC!! Fuckin bullshit!!

You know what else I HATE.....overrated rappers!!

You know what else I HATE....BAD things happening to GOOD people!!

You know what else I HATE....that I didn't start 66RAW.com sooner so those MILLION PLUS listeners could have followed us right here and got their shit without the subscription fee!! Shit would be A LOT different right now than what it is for YOU the consumer!! (Ain't that right Danny Blizzaq!)

You know what else I hate....that I'm rambling on and not giving you the opportunity to chime in!! Yeah this ain't just my blog rant, it's ALL of ours!! You want to get some shit off your chest? You wanna vent? You want to put into words what you're feeling or what you've been feeling right now?!? Then go ahead fam!! Comment away!! Let this be your therapeutic release for today!!

GO!!{jcomments on}

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