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Loyalty, Honor....Trust!

Loyalty, Honor....Trust!

leo-g_thumb There's a lot to be said for those three words. Loyalty...Honor...Trust. As God as my witness, I try to live my life following and exercising those principles! Shall I define so we're CLEAR on what it is we're talking about here! 

Loyalty - Commitment: the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action.

Honor - High respect, as that shown for special merit; esteem: the honor shown to a Nobel laureate. Good name; reputation.

Trust - Have confidence or faith in.

What kind of individual are you? Are you the person who looked and read that shit without a clue of what was being said and just live life on some "whateva" shit, reckless... or the type that read that and said, yeah...I feel you...that's what I'm talkin bout!


Depending on who your are and what you believe will set apart those who live by such principles and those who think and take life as it comes as random as picking the numbers for the Power Ball! Nigga I'm speaking from a more spiritual perspective! So having said that, the fact that I have lived my life with those three principles instilled in my DNA makes me The General Leo G! 

My Loyalty, to everything that I commit myself to and give 100% in it. My loyalty to the people who are in "my circle" of family. (Bloodline, 66 RAW extended, etc.)

My Honor, anything that I stand on, co-sign, support, put The General's stamp on, is something that is WORTHY of having my name attached to it because they hold similar high standards and quality of whatever it is or whoever it may be!

My Trust, that famous line in that Scarface flick, "all I have is my balls and my word and I don't break em for anyone!" PLEASE BELIEVE if I say it, you can bet your life on it! If I make the commitment or promise, it's a done deal. Trust goes a LONG WAY in every aspect of life! Personal, business, etc. If I can't trust you or if I find that you have broken that trust, it's a fuckin wrap! You're just someone who's NOT to be trusted if your the type of scumbag who would betray my trust...me being that genuine and real dude! 

All that shit goes a long way and I believe with every fiber of my being that the quality of life of individuals who are morally conscience in that way is much better than those who are not. Who you are, what you do, the PEOPLE YOU ATTRACT. Your whole existence in this matrix is what is what we're talking about here. (You taking the red pill or the blue pill?) 

I feel good knowing that I am who I am. The man that Diana raised as a single mother to become Leo G. That's right nigga, I make sure to let my momma know at every opportunity how much I appreciate and owe her for raising me to be the man that I am! A good man and a GREAT FATHER!! It's because I live my life according to those three principles that I'm able to have those same type of GENUINE, good hearted, Loyal, Honorable & Trustworthy individuals in my circle! Mz Kitti, Danny Blaq, Raylene Walker, DNA, DJ Supa, DJ Xclusive, Coke Price, the 66 RAW family! Yeah, y'all too! It shows & says something about you too to still be down and ride with us after what has happened over the span of the last few years! Nobody appreciates you more than me! 

Feel better about yourself...enhance your life son! Live by those three principles and you will see how things in your life change with people and situations in your life take on a whole new different meaning...a whole new & different feel.


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