BLOG 14 - 1111 A New Beginning

BLOG 14 - 1111 A New Beginning


Welcome to 1/1/11. Look at the number...this is a NEW BEGINNING! A whole new start or restart for the days ahead! There's a lot of significance in that number, more than what you probably realize! Let me bless you with a lil knowledge on the matter.


It wasn't until my ex-girl Lili (God Bless her) who made ME aware of the significance of 1111. She would always remark on how for years she would always be drawn to seeing 1111. Whether it was the time 11:11 everyday, seeing it on buildings, whatever, she always saw 1's. Well upon further investigation (and there's TONS of places to read up on it if you google) there's a spiritual connection to this number. It's for you to believe or not, but supposedly if your someone who always sees the number it's a wake up call or sign for you. A sign or message trying to be given. Like I said, there's a lot of different perspectives out there on it, check it out if you just happen to be intrigued or are someone who is always seeing the sign of 1's.'s an awakening. An awakening of a new awareness, a new direction in your life. Ask for it, think of it. Don't think of what you DON'T want, but what you DO want! 2010 was a good year for some and a really fucked up one for others! I ain't gon front fam, 2010 was a real fucked up one for the kid on MANY different fronts! I would venture to even say the WORST of my life! I couldn't wait for the clock to strike 12 so the new beginning could take place! Drop all the bullshit and plight of that years past and focus on that light at the end of the tunnel! See it, ask for it, dream it, BE IT! 

1.1.11...this is your new beginning, ya heard!

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