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Rick San is a Schmuck!

Rick San is a Schmuck!

Recently, Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum called President Obama a snob for wanting young people to attend college.  Are you serious Rick San?  This coming from you of all people that holds three degrees?  According to the Net Worth of GOP Candidates, Santorum has a net worth of between $880,000 to 3 million dollars. Wow, what a huge span!  I'm sure most Americans can tell you how much they make per hour, and it's not going to be between $7 and $20.  It's one figure!  Santorum also has five rental properties around Penn State and two homes; one in Great Falls, VA and one in Penn Hills, PA.  Not too shabby! 

The notion that not everyone is cut out for college is valid; however, it still should be a choice or option.  Santorum's flock of children are attending higher learning institutions.  Does this make them a snob?  In order for people to make a better life for themselves and their families these days requires education.  There will always be a stream of jobs that do not require a degree, but do we really want the next generation to believe that this is all there is for them?  Don't we want better for our children and grandchildren?  To suggest that attending college or wanting young people to attend college makes you a snob is pure "SCHMUCKERY!"  It sounds like a case of the haves telling the have nots what they can't have, and that's the American Dream.  If Santorum really feels this way, it's really no surprise.  How many decades and centuries have we seen the ultimate snobbery from the Republican party?  Just another day, and the beat goes on it seems.  

This rant goes out to Rick San and is dedicated to him.  I have 7 classes left before earning my Bachelor's degree.  I'm feeling quite snobby, and loving it! 

Feel free to chime in with your comments. I look forward to a spirited debate!

Until next time,  Love what you do, and do what you love,


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