Social Overload?!?!

Social Overload?!?!

Social overload.....I'm sure I'm not the only person who's feelin some kinda way about all of the platforms that are out there to try & keep up with!

Lemme take it back 5-6 years ago. Y'all remember when MySpace was the wave right? That's all you needed in ya life at the time b. One stop, check the friend requests, emails, bada bing, bada boom, your in your out! NOW, you got Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, InstaDM, Viddy,, I could go on!! Fam, niggaz with 401K's & health insurance don't have the time to keep up with all of this shit!! With Facebook being a BILLION dollar company it's spawned this new digital dawn & evolution of social surplus!! Shit is a little outta control dog. That's just my feel tho. Why did we need an Instagram? You can share photos on Facebook! Why did we need a Viddy? You can share video on Facebook? Why did we need Twitter? Isn't a Tweet the same thing as a status update? AND you're not limited to 140 characters!! What the hell is goin on in the world son!!??!?!! Oh, wait, I know, we're all caught up in the matrix! That "new, shiny thing" is just something you have to have, be apart or the first one to get down with it right? now we're all slaves to the rhythm and because we here at 66 RAW are in this entertainment/broadcasting biz, we gotta make sure we stay up on all of it too! Thanks for that! I swear if you niggaz come out with one more social networking platform, I'm NEVER doin another BLAZE show again!!! Aight, I'm lying, but that's how niggaz is feelin right about now bout this shit!! I've got one and a half screens on my iPhone 4S that's nothin but social media apps!! Enough is enough fam!! Please STOP!! Perhaps I should voice this blog thru my profile so you all can LISTEN and HEAR my rant, I mean blog! TFOH...

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