Tha Merlo Jones-Lil Scrappy

Tha Merlo Jones-Lil Scrappy

Artist: Lil Scrappy AKA Darryl Richardson II
Label: G’$ UP, DTP, Def Jam, Real Talk Ent.
Cd: Tha Merlo Jones EP.
Twitter: @scrapMerloJonez

Yeah man what up 66Raw fans, its Big6hunit again. I got one for y'all right here. Lil Scrappy,  yeah I know where the fuck he been at?!? I ain't heard a banger from this dude since he hooked up with Buck (Young Buck G - Unit South now Cashville Records)on that “Money In the Bank”.  Damn that was a minute ago tho got damn.  You remember those hits shorty put out? Joints like “ No Problem”, “you don't want no problems wit me”. Also that street joint “Gangsta Gangsta” then poof nigga went magician, vanished.

Well that's what I thought but he (Scrappy) been working. I found out he put out some joints on his independent label (Real Talk Ent). Here they go for y'all who need to catch up, “Prince of the South” 2008, and “Prince of the South 2” 2010.  I couldn't tell you whats stopping his second studio album from coming out (Tha Grustle). It was scheduled for 2011 summer release.  But if its anything like this “Merlo Jones EP” joint its gonna be worth the wait. Plus how could you not root for a dude name Scrappy, for real thou lol! 

Yeah man but this "Merlo Jones EP" man its good to me. Its not a classic or nothing like that but its quality work yaa mean, lil bit of B-More came out right there lol!  I like that joint he got called “Tuffer” with that Weezy sample "tougher then nigerian hair" yeah this is a club banger son. That joint he got called “50k” go hard to feat. Bun-B “I started with a c-note got to 50 slabs and chopped it made enough to get a 8 ball and went and coped it” Big6hunit salutes Bun-B to Trill YEEEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Oh and I almost forgot about that “Mr. Cosbi” “I let her suck my pudding pop” lol! Aight yall on to the next one holla at me!





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