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The Empire & Alley Boy "Nigganati"

The Empire & Alley Boy "Nigganati"

Mixtape Monday Street Rehab Report!

Written by DNA

Alley Boy


The Crusade of the Real Nigga starts with the Nigganati! Duct Tape Ent's front man rips through 15 tracks of pure crack speaking that real street shit and serving as the voice of the streets of Atlanta.

If you get nothing else out of this mixtape one thing that will be apparently clear is that this is all real nigga talk! The tape kicks off with a revolutionary intro where Alley spits "... Fuck em' all, and they laws, My Nigganati's the new nation, back against the Wall!" That line clearly sets the tone for the rest of this hard hitting mixtape cosigned by mixtape vet, The Empire. Throughout the tape Alley Boy comes off with a combination of strong street knowledge rhymes somewhat like a current day, down south version of NWA. Every track on Nigganati is straight crack and solid. "Cops On the Block" shows Alley Boys incredible storytelling flow over banging Bei Major production. DTE brethren Trouble Trouble tags in spitting real street rules on "Ain't Loyal", a killer track that most will be able to relate to. Off of a first listen "I Say" impacts as a certified street anthem which will sure to be a street staple for some time where Alley Boy expresses the power of his Duct Tape Family. This is far from the only anthem feel record on the tape, Alley keeps em' coming with tracks like "My City", the 2Pac Sampled "What's Going On", the crazy Luther Vandross Sampled "Up Here" and "I Want In" where Alley Boy makes his declaration for the new king of the streets with lines like "Fuck That Snow Shit, This Hot Shit, in the A Town This My Shit, Nigga zone 6 we rep Niggas, It's a end to all that Fake Shit Nigga!" It May Seem like a big statement but one thing for sure is that with the consistency & honesty in his music and the undeniable street credibility of Alley and his DTE family it definitely appears that there is a new top contender in the A. He even switches gears on heartfelt tracks like "Offend You" and "Chasin the Light" on both tracks Alley drops flawless verses with a vets poise featuring Songvibe. Other features on Nigganati include Bambino Gold, Eastside Jody, Pesci and Eldorado Red. Without any features outside of his DTE family Alley Boy clearly shows that as long as your music and content is solid all the over exaggerated names are unnecessary. The Solid Musical score to this movie comes courtesy of Lil' Neal, Will-A-Fool, All Star, Bei Major, Arkatech Beatz, Boi-1da, Jreap, Yoits JB, Trak Agents, The Bizness, Metro Beatz & The University. After a wild week of partying in Baltimore I got an opportunity to build with Mr. Nigganati himself and speak to him about his newest street offering, his DTE fam and the controversial record "I Want in".

Tonight 2/6/12, 6 and 10PM ET we will feature The Empire and Alley Boy's "Nigganati" in its entirety. Check the video interview then lock in, listen and be the first to comment.  Is this mixtape worthy of being rated RAW?


1. Intro (Prod. By Lil Neal)

2. I Say (Prod. By Will-A-Fool)

3. Dry Feat. Bambino Gold (Prod. By All Star)

4. Cops On The Block (Prod. By Bei Major)

5. Guilty Feat. Eastside Jody (Prod. By Lil Neal)

6. Aint Loyal Feat. Trouble (Prod. By Arkatech Beatz)

7. Countless (Prod. By Boi-1da)

8. My City (Prod. By Jreap)

9. I Want In (Prod. By Will-A-Fool)

10. Up Here (Prod. By Yoits JB)

11. Offend You (Prod. By Trak Agents)

12. Whats Going On Feat. Pesci (Prod. By The Bizness)

13. Black Roses Feat. Eldorado Red (Prod. By Lil Neal)

14. Speak For Me (Prod. By Metro Beatz)

15. Chasin The Light Feat. Songvibe (Prod. By Fki)


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