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BLOG 19 - 2011 B.E.T. Awards & Planking

BLOG 19 - 2011 B.E.T. Awards & Planking

 What up 66 fam! I'm fresh off the B.E.T. Awards show and back on my blog 'ish! There were a lot of things from that show and that I've seen inthe last 24 hours that have just had me in front of the TV or in front of this laptop making me ask the question....WHY?!?!

Yeah, I along with the majority of you were on deck taking in the 2011 B.E.T. awards LIVE from the Shrine Auditorium in LA. I don't know fam but it seems year to year by shows end I say to myself... ehh, shit was aight....if it weren't the lowlights of the show it might not have been as entertaining!! I missed like the first 60 mins of the joint being at this BBQ party and shit with intravenous Patron feed so I kinda slipped for a minute! I think I got up on the joint around the Chris Breezy performance being marveled (as always) by Busta's lightining speed delivery of his verse on Look At Me Now! Buss is so ill wit it!! So my first ohh shit moment was at Nicki winning the Best Female Hip Hop Artist. Her reaction when going up on stage to receive the award, "Wow I can't believe I won!" Son, yo who the FUCK is Lola Monroe & Cymphonique Miller?!?! Diamond was also nominated but I guess that's been the kinda year for women in hip hop b...and Nicki you DID mean it the way you said it! S'all good tho, but can someone PLEASE tell me who the fuck Lola Monroe & Cymphonique Miller is?!?! When I saw those two names flash across the flatscreen as nominees I thought I navigated to Fuse TV or some shit for a sec! I was in scramble mode lookin for the remote like what the fuck just happened b!?!?! Who changed the channel?!?! Nicki Minaj OWNS the chick rap game right now b! Lola & Cymphonique tho.....smh.

Jaden & Willow, a TIE for whatever new kid category that was most likely created for THEM! We gotta get Will & Jada to the show too right? That shit was so politically BOGUS I had to pour another glass of Patron just to continue on!

Oh, and ya man Yeezy really gave an profound I don't give a fuck about a BET awards by winning Best Male Hip Hop Artist and wasn't even at the joint!! 

Can I get on ya man Cee-Lo Green tho?!? Nah, wait...not yet. Lemme talk about y'all #newniggas! The OG's was in the building but y'all #newniggas ain't show no love right?!? Oh, aight...the nigga JG aka Johnny Gill was on stage and where was the love? Y'all #newniggas ain't even care that this man which was an anchor for the great & illustrious New Edition is bout to drop and album tho right?!?! Yeah, aight! Oh, let's not forget about Alexander O'Neal & Cherelle! Even tho ya man Alex looked like he was sweatin Jack & Coke, that was Saturday Love tho!! Y'all #newniggas was straight disrepectin the OG's that helped pave the way for y'all to get them M's!! Y'all #newniggas ain't even know who Gladys Knight was did you?!?! Fuckin #newniggas.....y'all the same ones that's out there PLANKIN right now too right!?!?! Yeah.....Hold for that one.

Ya man Cee-Lo tho....smmfh. I'm now convinced that he is trying to be the 2011 and beyond, black version of Sir Elton John!! Son!! I'm CONVINCED now!! Some, I said SOME of you ATL niggas, along with you #newniggas (and a lotta you #newniggas are from the ATL) are fuckin up the game right now!! Ain't no real, authentic, hoody & Tim's, Yankee fitted, thorough nigga gonna go on stage & rock a Patti LaBelle wig with can o' hairspray to boot & sing Somebody Loves You Baby!! NOT A ONE B!! Like I said, I'm convinced fam!! Speaking of Patti tho, like I tweeted last night, 99.9995% of you chicks can only hope & pray to your God that you'll age as gracefully and look as HOT as the diva legend! I know the majority of you niggas out there was sayin damn, Patti can get it b!! Word!!

I'm not gonna even talk about the debacle, catastophe on Drake winning his award but baby girl annouced Chris Brown & whoever the fuck else.....yeah, not even gonna do it!

Lastly, The Real Husbands of Hollywood....SON!! If BET was SMART, they'd go IN in that shit IMMEDIATELY!!! Pre-production would commence at the conclusion of that awards show my nigga! Ratings....through the roof!! Funny doesn't even describe what that shit was b! That lil nigga Kevin Hart is a damn fool!! Kevin Hart & Bobby Brown alone on a reality TV show dog...fuhgetabouit!! They won't do it tho....niggas have a problem with the obvious! They always like to do things the hard way and try to re-invent the wheel!! You niggas stay LOSING!! #FAIL.

Lemme lastly talk about this new phenomenon that I've just learned about via my timeline...that being the Twitter afternoon news. Planking.....SON, WHY!?!?!?!?!!! I was gonna post a pic but you've probably already seen the pics out there. If you haven't just search on Twitter. There's a million an one of you #newniggas that's out there engaging in this #newnigga dumb shit!! Niggas with 401k's & full medical/dental ain't plankin b, shit just ain't happenin!! I don't know where the fuck this shit came from, how it started, but I blame ALL you #newniggas!!!!! PERIOD!!

Aight, that's it for this week. Shout to the entire 66 familia! The General got nuthin but love for all y'all...even the #newniggas that ride! At least it shows you got good taste when it comes to Real Hip Hop Radio!! Comment away...I'm out!

The General 

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