About 66 Raw

66 Raw started on XM Satellite Radio as the very first nationally broadcast uncut & uncensored Hip Hop channel under the programming and management of Leo "The General" Pryor and Selena "Mz. Kitti" Jones. The name "66 Raw" came about as the programming was called "Raw" on XM Satellite Channel 66. Eventually to be known as "66 Raw".

In 2010, Sirius Satellite acquired XM Satellite to form "Sirius XM". The acquisition prompted an entire restructure of the programming since a lot of the programs overlapped since both Satellite Radio Station were competitors and 66 Raw's main contender was international superstar rapper Eminem's "Shade 45". Politics, replaced 66 Raw with Shade 45 and shortly after, Leo G. banned together with Daniel "Danny Blaq" Tran, who was running one of the main power companies in the independent music industry for 2x NFL Pro Bowler, Carolina Panthers & Chicago Bears top wide receiver Muhsin "Moose" Muhammad, responsible for catapulting "Screwed & Chopped" artists like Slim Thug, Trae, Chamillionaire, Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, and many more into the mainstream, to brainstorm how to retain the brand and continue independently.

Throughout the years, 66 Raw underwent multiple transitions and is now located in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia.

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